2016 Holiday Theme Ideas

Every year around the holidays, businesses host office parties to bring people together, celebrate success, build camaraderie and motivate the team for the year ahead. As gatherings kick into high gear, get creative this year and transform your guests’ holiday experience. Three of our AlliedPRA offices—New England, Northern California, and San Diego—share new ways to modernize holiday themes.

New England’s Mid-Century Magic

mad-men-christmas-partyWith the success of Mad Men, we have seen our fair share of retro-style events. Mixing these design elements with a bit of holiday cheer brings this theme to a whole new level of entertainment. Our New England team stays true to the mid-century era with touches of elegance, nostalgia, and a bit of kitsch thrown in for good measure.

To achieve this look, it’s all about elevating the holiday spirit without making it over-the-top. Lindsay Goneau, DMCP, Director of Operations and Program Development for New England, suggests the best way to execute this theme is to accent with bright colors in vintage hues of pinks, blues, and reds. Hang a larger-than-life wreath and play classic carols in the background. Further, have your guests nosh on deviled eggs and sip a classic cocktail to get them in the atmosphere of the evening. You’ll be feeling like Don Draper in no time.

Northern California’s Elegant Evening

Image: The Knot

On the opposite coast, our Northern California office is amping up their elegance for their holiday parties. Zorianna Smith, CMP, DCMP, Director of Marketing and Product Development, suggests adding dramatic touches for an evening of glamour and understated—yet modern—allure.

Clean lines and monochromatic tablescapes offer a sophisticated alternative for holiday themes while mixed metals add a touch of style. Your guests will feel relaxed, yet pampered, as the warm firelight glows off accent pieces. Take the clean lines one step further by decorating your event with geometric wire designs. These can be modern alternatives to wreaths and other traditional holiday decorations.

A Night in Venice

koket-venice-2015-carnivalLast, but not least, AlliedPRA San Diego has transported guests into a Venetian masquerade.

A masked ball, a hedge maze, and crystal accents—these are just a few of the details that San Diego has provided their clients. No detail went spared, as partygoers could have their fortunes read while sipping champagne that was served by an aerialist from above. Decadence meets European glamour in this once-in-a-lifetime theme.

AlliedPRA knows that there is one gift that cannot be wrapped – and that is creating a moment that will last into the New Year. Complete an RFP now to create a bit of magic this holiday season.

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