Blog Archive: May 2017

Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Today’s Workplace with Annette Gregg

Traditional approaches to promoting diversity in the workplace have centered on addressing discriminatory conduct, but what about bias and unfair systems, practices and habits that we may not even be aware of?

Biases help us make sense of the millions of pieces of data that we encounter daily. It is a normal …

The New Hotbed of Tech Conferences

I recently spent a few days at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week. What started nine years ago as a small gathering of hopeful local entrepreneurs and a few investors has quickly turned into what USA Today dubbed “The Mardi Gras of Entrepreneurship”.


This year’s event featured 215 speakers, 199 qualified local and …

Discover the Beauty of Santa Barbara

When one thinks of Santa Barbara, luxury and relaxation are top of mind. With a backdrop like our destination, it doesn’t take much to make guests feel like they are the stars of the show. Our job in our office is to build personal relationships while actualizing our clients’ visions. …

Creating a Perfect Path: Work-Life Integration in the Meeting Industry

There is no work-life balance; it’s work-life integration—one big, dynamic, challenging experience.

One topic that has plagued working women is the elusive work-life balance. We have seen it come in and out of fashion, with each new generation of meeting professionals debating its relevance and interpretation.

Does any generation have mastery of …