Arrive with Ease

As the travel season is upon us, most of the major metropolitan airports are very busy places. You may have spotted our AlliedPRA greeters in and around baggage claims greeting the many corporate clients we have coming in to town in our 20 US destinations. Here are words of wisdom when planning arrivals and departures in one of our busier airports, Boston – Logan International,  from the AlliedPRA New England team:

AlliedPRA greeters are not just a courtesy, they are the best way to ensure your clients get to their vehicles successfully. Drivers are not allowed to do ‘meet & greets’ at Logan and must remain at their vehicles.

For domestic flights, all guests are greeted in their assigned baggage claim and escorted to their vehicle. For international arrivals, guests are greeted once they clear customs and have obtained their luggage.

One more helpful tip is that you may want to share with your guests’ cell phone numbers with your Operations Manager in case of last minute travel changes or emergencies!

Let our AlliedPRA Meet & Greet Teams make your arrivals and departures a positive experience!

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