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How Quality Assurance Plays a Significant Role in Selecting a DMC Partner

You have over 500 attendees and their companions gearing up for the annual conference, consisting of multiple meetings, themed events, off-site dine-arounds, teambuilding activities and an awards gala. Knowing this is the most important program of the year, you also know  you need a destination partner who has their finger on the pulse at all times. In addition to helping you achieve your specific goals and objectives – they know the local market inside and out; they have community contacts in the right “high” places and they have a roster of tried and true key suppliers. When choosing a local destination management partner you must have a trusted source with a proven track record.

So, how do you ensure your program will go off without a hitch?

Quality assurance measurements are critical. Below are the key areas within quality assurance practices. Insisting on these must have inclusions will help you ensure a seamless and successful program each and every time.

Information Sharing Database – Partner with a DMC who has a shared database of program history and client expectations for a worry-free sales and delivery process. This allows clients to focus on other aspects of their meeting (meeting content, air, hotel, etc.), while the DMC services are handled to their program specifications, fulfilling their meeting objectives.

Standardization & Consistency – The main benefit of partnering with a network of DMCs is the standardization practices. When a brand is strong with consistent delivery standards, it exudes confidence and familiarity for the end user. If a client operates a program in Atlanta, Paris or Dubai, they should expect and receive the same quality service delivery standards and procedures from location to location. A client should experience standardization in all areas of the business; insurance, staffing, equipment, accounting, delivery of service, preferred suppliers, industry involvement, emergency preparedness, etc.

Dedicated Team – A DMC should provide a dedicated team starting with a global sales manager and ending with the local team. This will provide clients with a number of qualified people who are familiar with their needs and expectations, making doing business easier and more efficient to maximize the guests experience and the client’s time and budget.

PPE – Post Program Evaluations – Make sure the DMC provides client evaluations at various stages of program operations; from the sales process through final billing and the DMC reviews and responds as needed. Program feedback aids in future modifications, issue resolution and overall client satisfaction.

Random Client Calls – A conscientious DMC provides quality assurance personnel to randomly survey clients for process improvement to obtain a true evaluation of the client’s experience, as well as their guests’ experience. The evaluation ensures the client’s overall goals and objectives were met and makes certain the client views the program as a successful return on investment.

Post-Cons – After each client program, the DMC should conduct a post-evaluation either in person with the client prior to departure or over the phone after the program operation. In addition, the DMC should conduct post-cons with suppliers and guide staff and with the team that serviced the client from sales through operations. Lastly, an internal audit system must be in place to follow-up with the dedicated program team to obtain their perspective on the overall program deliver and interaction with the client. These meetings help identify areas of improvement and to ensure those elements that were outstanding, are repeated for future programs.

Internal Audits – These audits can monitor the process through proprietary software, direct phone calls to the host office and, if the dedicated international sales team is involved, through their observation, communication, and interaction with the client to ensure one more level of dedicated assistance and program follow-up.

Your attendees and their companions will be talking about your annual program for years to come. What they say may depend upon the partner you select! With various checks and balances, as well as a well-defined communication system, a client should experience peace of mind for every program. Add all these key points up and you are assured of a very successful destination program.

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