How to Keep Busy During Slow Season

bored-woman-workThe surge in the number of Corporate Meetings and Events over the past several years have seemingly banished the “slow season”. The days of a program-free summer seem to have gone away. With that said, DMCs  make the most of the slower times we occasionally experience to ensure we stay on top of everything new and reinvented in our destinations!
Product Development & Sites
Slow season is a great time to see new venues, experience new tours and learn more about our home base. Quiet summer Fridays are a perfect time to get out of the office early and check out new venues and restaurants all over San Francisco. These Product Development days also serve as a great opportunity to get in a little team bonding time. Typically, this can be done in just a few hours of the afternoon, however if time allows try to make it an entire day. This summer we had a full product development day in West Marin, a sleepy coastal area known for farm raised foods. The day was spent in a lesser known part of the Bay Area tasting cheese, taking a farm tour, shucking oysters and learning about Honey Mead. Not only was it a fun day as a team, but we also have some great new options for tours in the area that we can speak to from experience.
Work Ahead
Last month Kendall gave us some tips on how to stay sane during busy season and that starts with setting yourself up for success. Slow season gives us the luxury to not just focus on this week’s deadlines but to look ahead to what is coming up. It is a great time to prepare for operations, prospect, and work on refining boilerplates and tariffs. Create a wish list of projects to be completed so that the team knows what the most important projects are that they should focus on.
Cross Training
One of the most valuable things about being on the Young Leaders Committee has been learning from my fellow members. We each have different rolls and areas of involvement in the life of a program and therefore can share unique insight and perspective on the topics we discuss. The slower times of the year are the perfect time to cross train or shadow a teammate to further that familiarity with another perspective. That could be a salesperson spending a bit more time on-site during operations or an ops manager joining hotel drops and presentations. It makes you and your team stronger during the crazy, busy times of the year.
Studying for a CMP or DMCP test can often get put on the backburner when client deadlines and program operations have to take priority. Take advantage of the extra free time to study for one of the certification tests, add to your CEUs, or complete your recertification process.
Even if your slow times come in small spurts sprinkled throughout the year, take advantage of these breaks in the action to focus on the items forever at the bottom of our to-do lists. These small things improve our team dynamic, aid in personal growth and enhance our DMC offerings.

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