IMEX America 2016 – Another Success!

img_4854Each year, thousands of attendees flock to Las Vegas, NV to attend the world’s largest meetings industry trade show, IMEX America 2016. AlliedPRA has been fortunate enough to be an active participant in IMEX, ensuring that we remain a recognizable brand among planners, suppliers, and corporate professionals. This year, we had 25 attendees from our AlliedPRA offices, including our Global Sales and HQ staff. Today, you will hear from three of those attendees and the value they saw from attending IMEX America: Ally Topp, Senior Manager, Global Sales Operations, who oversaw much of the booth design and planning intricacies for AlliedPRA; Francine McKanna, Owner of AlliedPRA Las Vegas, whose office was the official DMC of Hosted Buyer transportation; and Kendall Wilson, the AlliedPRA Young Leader Committee member who was chosen to represent the YLC at the show.

This year was Ally’s 3rd year overseeing much of the planning process of IMEX America. Being able to see the big picture needs of our firm has always been a specialty of Ally’s and this tradeshow is no exception. Ally understands that every passerby, Hosted Buyer, and supplier is a guest of AlliedPRA’s special brand of creativity. This year’s IMEX was no exception—Ally worked diligently to ensure our booth was a representation of our brand: stunningly-designed, welcoming, and offering the “Wow” factor as soon as you walked by.

Furthering this, Ally and the Global Sales team hosted two events for guests that were extremely well received, a cocktail reception and a breakfast. Our Global Sales team understands that strong relationships are the foundation of AlliedPRA and has made it their mission to create and maintain lasting partnerships at every opportunity they are given. Ally remarked the following about IMEX, “This year’s tradeshow was one of the best yet! We always leave Vegas feeling energized from connecting with so many great clients, partners and suppliers, and excited for what the following year of partnership will bring. I’m honored to be a part of IMEX, because I feel that opportunities like this really have turned AlliedPRA into the globally-recognized brand we are today.”

While our Global Sales team plays a key role in IMEX America, our offices have an equally important place at the tradeshow. Having the tradeshow location be in Vegas has meant that our local team has been able to contribute to the planning of the tradeshow as well. Francine McKanna and her Las Vegas team were selected as the official DMC of the Hosted Buyer program’s transportation needs for the fifth year in a row. McKanna said, “It is an honor to be selected for a fifth term…our team is thrilled to showcase, once again, our outstanding transportation services and program logistics. This year’s event was an overwhelming success for our team and all the Hosted Buyers who attended IMEX America. This show is the go-to tradeshow for our industry and we are pleased to be a part of this important connection between our peers.”

Finally, one member of the AlliedPRA Young Leader Committee was selected to represent AlliedPRA and attend IMEX America. Kendall Wilson of San Diego was selected, due to her involvement with the YLC. Kendall participated in Smart Monday, a day-long educational event organized by MPI. Further, Kendall assisted Ally in the set-up process of the booth, attended SITE Nite, and networked among the other tradeshow attendees.

Brett Braley and Nina Cardillo, who have spearheaded the YLC this year, felt this was a great opportunity for Kendall to see firsthand the depth and breadth of AlliedPRA and the effort it takes to remain an industry leader. Kendall left IMEX inspired, saying, “These four days were an invaluable orientation into so many facets of our industry: from tradeshows, to the incentive industry, to the amount of dedication and work it takes for our National Sales Managers and Global Sales Directors to create relationships. I am so grateful to AlliedPRA and the YLC for giving me this amazing opportunity this year.”

As the industry continues to evolve, we are realizing more and more that change is the only constant. But, one thing is for sure, AlliedPRA will always be a part of IMEX America. Whether it is a member of our Global Sales team, an owner of a local office, or one of our Operations Managers, everyone finds value and opportunity through IMEX.

Until next year, Vegas!

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