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Cheese and Beer 101 Teambuilding

Teambuilding, Network, Reward

From tried and true favorites like Maui Brewing Company’s Bikini Blonde or Kona Brewing Company’s Longboard Lager to new beers on the scene from Honolulu Beerworks, Hawai’i’s craft brew scene is taking off!

Today guests are treated to an interactive event where they learn the intricacies of brewing beer. A brewmaster is on-hand to take guests through the beer making process and explain the difference between a Pilsner or a Lager.

Guests taste a variety of local Hawaiian beers and understand the subtle differences and flavors that characterize the varieties of beer.

Beer is easy to pair with cheese, a more forgiving medium in which to taste the subtleties of dairy. In addition to locally crafted beer, there are many cheeses that originate from Hawaiian dairy farms.

During the beer tasting each beer is paired with a local cheese and guests learn about the Hawaiian farming and how the sustainable cheeses are made.

Enhancement: Add a competitive element by incorporating a blind tasting for guests to test their taste buds after the educational portion of the class.

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