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Hawaiian Cooking Challenge

Food & Beverages, Teambuilding, Network

Hawai’i plays host to a thriving agricultural and locally grown food movement. With the abundance of local farms, fresh and seasonal produce is always at your fingertips. Treat your guests with a hands-on culinary experience.

The activity begins with guests visiting the new Farmers Market at the Pualeilani Atrium Shops where they are led through the different stands and gather the ingredients needed for their activity. The facilitator explains the local produce and guests learn how to pick the perfect elements from the market.

Once they have their ingredients the group is split into teams where they receive a recipe incorporating the seasonal ingredients they shopped for in the morning. and instructions for their dish.

Lead chefs will be ready to assist if a team needs guidance or encouragement as they dive into the recipes.

After the cooking class, guests indulge in the delicious meal they prepared.

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