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Monarchs & Missionaries

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Travel back in time on this unforgettable and astonishing adventure as you visit the historical features of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Venturing out into the lush Nuuanu Valley, our first stop is the Pali Lookout for amazing panoramic views of Kane’ohe Bay.

Guests then arrive at Hawaii’s sacred Royal Mausoleum, “Mauna ‘Ala”, the final resting place of six of the kingdom’s last eight ruling monarchs.

Our next stop is at the Hawaiian Mission Houses in downtown Honolulu, where you will receive a unique glimpse into 19th-century life on the island and the influence of the early missionaries.

Guests will enjoy an hour long journey inside the ornate Iolani Palace, the only Royal Palace in the United States, to discover its splendid treasures.

You will also see the world renowned sites of the legendary King Kamehameha’s statue and the unique Kawaiahao Church, “the Westminster Abbey of Hawaii”.

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