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Hospitality Desk

At your service, AlliedPRA’s friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Hospitality Desk are ready to assist your guests. Our congenial hosts aid guests with directions, suggestions, reservations and answer questions about program scheduling as well as local sights.

Lounge Grouping with Draping

When attending large event it is sometimes hard to break away from the abundance of activity surrounding you. Lounge groupings with soft seating and draping create an opportunity for a more intimate setting in a large space or crowd. Great for network-focused events, lounge group areas that can be closed off …

Hawaiian Quilter

Add a Hawaiian quilter to your next event. Attendees will love to watching this hanau mua (elder in hawaiian) quilt away. Present the finished product to someone in the group that has gone above and beyond for the company.

Shell Jewelry Crafter

Add a shell jewelry crafter to your next beach or Hawaiian themed event. This can act as both an attendee gift to take home, as well as a fun entertainment enhancement that guests can watch as they make their way around the event space.

Coconut Weaver

Hawaii is full of cultural experiences. Add a coconut weaver as an enhancement to your next Hawaiian themed event. Attendees will be wow’d as they watch the coconut weaver put together amazing designs right before their eyes.