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Hike Muir Woods

Wake up and smell the redwoods!  Take a group out of the hustle and bustle of San Francisco to the world-famous redwood forest in Muir Woods National Park.  The serene setting and majestic trees are a grounding experience and appropriate for all fitness levels.

Mini takeout containers

Add a twist to a grab and go station with mini Chinese food containers and chopsticks.  This is an easy way for guests to eat a small plate in a reception. Be sure to use compostable containers to reduce your carbon footprint, and have ample compost bins to handle waste.

Colored Carpet

Consider highlighting your company logo colors with a dramatic carpet in that color, like this yellow and black carpet.  Velvet drapes and carpet help to soften the marble and limestone finishes of this space.

Welcome to New Orleans!

Show guests the complexity and culture of New Orleans by showcasing the many hats the city wears. With the “Welcome to New Orleans” theme, guests experience all that New Orleans has to offer without leaving their location!



Dinner at the Fabulous Fox Theatre

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with dinner on the main stage at the fabulous Fox Theatre. With a view of the historic theatre like no other, guests will bask in the beauty of the Fox!