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Plant a Koa Tree – Local Give Back

Teambuilding, Educate, Network

The Koa tree is native to Hawai’i and grows up to 100 feet high – an overarching monarch in the forest. Acacia Koa (considered some of the best Koa wood) is found specifically on the Big Island.

Today, visit a historic site located on the slopes of Mauna Kea that was once a personal Koa forest of King Kamehameha the Great. The forest was cleared almost 100 years ago to make way for farming and ranchers.

The experience starts at the Welcome Center where guests are provided historical information and background. Next, jump in an off-road vehicle and transfer to the planting site while enjoying panoramic views of the amazing Hamakua coast.

Guests will do their part in giving back to the land on which they currently stand. A concept that is so treasured and important to the people of Hawai’i – respect for land or ‘aina.

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