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Sandcastle Building Competition

Teambuilding, Network

When one thinks of a trip to Hawai’i thoughts of the sun on your face and your toes in the sand immediately come to mind. Today we take a day at the beach up a notch with this fun, creative teambuilding activity.

This day of fun-in-the-sun begins when the group is broken into teams for a series of artistic and not-so-artistic challenges, starting with the Bucket Brigade Relay. Your “bucketeers” pass along buckets of water in a competitive race to become the first team to fill up your water receptacle.

Next, teams sketch their blueprint, consult with “Mr. Sandman” for tips, and attempt to sculpt their masterpiece in the time allotted. While part of the group is bringing the design to fruition, other team members compose a team chant.

Finally, the event culminates in the judging of the dune creations when awards will be given to the team with the best composition and craftsmanship.

All sculpting tools and buckets are included for this day at the Beach!

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