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Valley of the Rainbows

Experiences, Tours, Reward

Take a walk through the lush rainforest at the enchanting Valley of the Rainbows. Within the 200-acre botanical garden, located at the Lyon Arboretum, guests find 5,000 species of plants, including bromeliads, hibiscus and orchids. Included among these species are some of the planets’ rarest plants.

Over the years this lush forest has been home to everything from Hawaiian taro farms to cattle ranches. On today’s tour, guests are guided along a (1.5) mile hike where they take in the beautiful surroundings and learn about the mythological and historical significance of this destination.

Next, visit Pu’u ‘Uala-ka’a, located 1,048 feet above Waikiki and take in the breathtaking 180 degree panoramic view of the Oahu coastline. From here, you can often see an anuenue (Hawaiian for rainbow) in the Valley of Rainbows far below.

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