Keep Calm and Plan On

keep-calm-and-plan-on-24Let’s face it: We are in the hospitality industry. Our schedules are dictated by the needs of our clients and their plans. We have all had our moments where we feel like our heads are spinning and there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that we want to. I am going to share with you what has helped me during the busy season and what can help you too!

Work Ahead: Doing this during the “slower” times can prevent unnecessary stress that comes later as last minute tasks pop up.

Limit Your Distractions: Do not touch your email! Your inbox can be one of the worst distractors. What might be urgent to that person sending you the “very important email,” might not take priority over the more pressing tasks on your to do list. If you can muster up the strength, close out of your email until you have gotten through what you need to do.

Write Things Down: When you feel your head spinning with all the things that you need to get done, take a minute to write them down.

Weekly Team Check Ins: We call these Sink or Swim meetings where you see how everyone is treading with their work load. If you are drowning, this is when you have the opportunity to ask the team for help and delegate to the team members that are able to alleviate that extra work.

The most important advice I can give you is to take care of yourself. If you don’t, not only are you hurting yourself, but your work suffers as well. Why do we always seem to forget to eat on a long set up day? Here are a few EASY things that you can do:

Pack Snacks: When you are on the go, pack snacks! Almonds, pistachios, protein bars; always have something on you.

Stay Hydrated: Do I need to explain this? We all know that we need to stay hydrated, especially if you are outdoors all day. It is recommended to drink at least eight glasses a day.

Meal Prep: Take the time to prep your meals so when it comes time for lunch or dinner you don’t turn to the quickest (and usually unhealthy) option.

Exercise: This is easier said than done. I know that when I have a long work day, exercise is the last thing that I want to do, but even taking a 30 minute walk will make all the difference.

Take Breaks: You can manage your stress levels by taking 5 minute breaks throughout the day. Take a step back from that manifest and clear your head!

Another way that I get through those crazy times is by remembering that we are all in it together! Yes, that means our clients, hoteliers, staff and supplier partners are all going through that same craziness at the same time – use each other for support! After you send your thank you notes, take YOUR time to recharge. Plan a vacation or just take a day to catch up on errands. Do whatever you need to do to recharge. You earned it!

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