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England & Scotland

2B UK Destination Management Services specializes in unlocking the true potential of London and UK through fresh ideas and connected partnerships

A place of diversity – steeped in history, yet in step with the present and shaping the future…welcome to the United Kingdom and the Destination Management Services of 2B UK. From its bustling city centres to its world famous golf courses, modern museums and historical monuments, visitors are certain to be delighted and enchanted. Your guests will be enticed by luxurious city hotels or pampered at beautiful country retreats. Dining options are virtually endless — the UK boasts an abundance of international cuisine, as well as unique venues that include the breathtaking SkyGarden offering amazing views, the historic Tower of London or dining under the dinosaur at the Natural History Museum.

Our team at 2B UK has been involved in bringing incentives to life for over 30 years. Their creativity and passion is infectious and they ensure the programs delivered are truly customized with consideration for group profile, brand, size and budget. Working with the finest venues and services, our dedication to you ensures your guests get the very best from our country and from your programme.

Destinations we serve: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Birmingham, Stratford Upon Avon, Bath, Cardiff, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Stirling

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