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Chicago Themed Food Station Decor

Bring your attendees experience to life with themed food station décor. We suggest pairing these columns that feature images of surrounding neighborhoods with the foods known from that area. Hot dog and pretzel stands for Wrigleyville, a Chinatown station and more!

Karaoke Night!

Steal the spotlight by showcasing your musical talents! Everyone loves live interactive entertainment and what better way to celebrate than by belting out your favorite tune!

Winemaker Meet and Greet

Napa Valley is world famous for its wine. What better way to wrap up a tour and tasting at a world renown vineyard, than meeting the maker behind it all? Guests not only can ask questions about products but also learn more about the vineyard itself and how some of …

Photo Scavenger Hunt

What better way to network and compete with co-workers than with a photo scavenger hunt! Each team is given a series of clues; the team members then attempt to solve the clues that will lead them to specific locations where they must take a posed photo to submit.

Lounge Grouping with Draping

When attending large event it is sometimes hard to break away from the abundance of activity surrounding you. Lounge groupings with soft seating and draping create an opportunity for a more intimate setting in a large space or crowd. Great for network-focused events, lounge group areas that can be closed off …