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Sourdough Making at Boudin’s Bakery

Learn how to make world renown sourdough bread from the experts at Boudin Bakery.  The best part is guests get to take home their own loaf.

Animal Encounters

Provide guests with an experience of a lifetime through animal  interactions.. Anything from small petting zoos to large giraffe encounters can create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fireside Seating

Guests can sit back and relax  while staying warm with this fireside seating arrangement. Adding small fire pits to any event makes for a more intimate feel.

Guadalajara Furniture Grouping

Cozy up next to the fire with vibrant Guadalajara furniture as your fiesta comes alive with this colorful décor theme.

The Pelican Harbor Seabird Station (PHSS)

Guests tour the rehabilitation facilities and aviaries and see firsthand how they provide treatment for and temporarily care of injured, diseased, orphaned, and displaced indigenous wild-life, and how they subsequently return healthy viable animals to their appropriate habitats in the wild. Included in the program is the adoption of one of these …