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Adirondack Seating

Adirondack seating is an elegant, yet casual seating option to place by fire pits, or as other casual seating options at your next event!

Phone Charging, Hightop Table

Need a charge, but don’t have a cable? Need to talk with a colleague but can’t get away from the action? Accomplish both tasks at our hightop charging table! This high tech social stand can accommodate up to 18 devices at once while your conversations are flowing. With a “rapid …

Sand Sculpture Artist

Kick back at your next Hawaiian Beach Bash with a sand sculpture artist to entertain guests, while adding an awesome decor element!

A Fiery Welcome

Greet your guests to their welcome reception with this hot entrance piece – A fire lit aloha!

Wave Bar and Surfboard Back Bar

When in Hawaii, do as the locals do! Decorate your next Hawaiian event with wave-themed bars and surfboard back bars to get in the island spirit.