August 2012

Renaissance in Paris Hostelry!

Unrivaled luxury, fine dining and five-star accommodations abound in the City of Lights. The palace hotels are turning up the dial, each one-upping the others with refinements. And, great package deals in several new or recently renovated properties guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.   (read more)

Monaco VIP DMC Tour

AlliedPRA is pleased to introduce a new regularly recurring feature, the first from our CEO, George Pohle.  His expertise in Professional Services has provided AlliedPRA with critical insight into managing customer relations, corporate practices and policies, and professionalizing our client and supplier interactions.  Under his leadership we have restructured our go-to-market approach, revamped our Quality Assurance Practices and developed additional solutions for our client base to answer to their voiced and unvoiced needs.

Some may say he is on the quiet side, while others think he has quite a lot to say. He participates in numerous industry events, is an accomplished martial artist, lives on Skype and is a regular visitor to (yet rarely takes a vacation).  To us he is just George.

In light of the recent GSA scandal, George weighs in on the subject and how it might impact meetings around the globe. Read the AlliedPRA blog and give us your comments as well.  (click here)

Check back in monthly when we will share more perspectives on the most significant and compelling issues driving our industry.


An Evening of Whimsical Fun in Austin

ISES members from all over Austin came together to celebrate a year of success and AlliedPRA Austin was serving up the fun.   (read more)

New orleans DMC Motorsports


Go Back into the Future-- for Your Eyes Only in Florida's Newest Museum.

Want do James Bond, Marty McFly and Danny Zuko have in common? Each of these Hollywood characters are well-known for the iconic vehicles they drove in memorable films. Now your guests can get an up close look at the Back to the Future DeLorean or the 1948 Ford Grease Lighting from Grease, among several other famous automobiles and memorabilia at the new Dezer Collection Museum in Florida.   (read more)

San Antonio DMC, Wounded Warrior