An Iconic Symbol in Portugal Lives On

praca-de-touros-do-campo-pequeno-venue-selectionLocated just 15 minutes from downtown Lisbon, you’ll find Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno, the city’s most famous bull ring, more commonly known as Campo Pequeno.  The stadium is styled to resemble the grand Moroccan castle with high red brick walls topped by giant domed structures.  The architecture of Campo Pequeno is unique to Lisbon as the design was inspired by the bull ring of Madrid, which is no longer in existence.  In 2006 the bull ring at Campo Pequeno replaced the old stadium at Campo de Santana.  The Campo Pequeno’s designer, António José Dias da Silva, was heavily influenced by Moorish design, using dark orange stone and four giant domed towers above each of the impressive entrances.  After an extensive modernisation project the ring reopened in 2006 with a new shopping centre, restaurants and cinemas.  The spectator’s area was also enhanced and now provides space for 10,000 patrons to be seated during performances.  The most significant alteration was the introduction of a removable roof that makes the space more versatile and able to be used year round for a variety of event needs.

portugal-corporate-event-managementBull fighting is an iconic symbol of the Iberian Peninsula and the tradition continues at Campo Pequeno.  There are, however, significant difference between the Portuguese and the Spanish style of bull fighting, of which the most important fact in that bulls in Portugal are not killed at the end of the show, due to a royal decree by King Miguel of Portugal in the 19th century.  The bull fighting season is mainly during the summer months, while the rest of the year the venue is used for concerts, shows and private events.  The area can accommodate up to 1,000 guests for a cocktail reception or 800 for banquet style.  If you require a large scale venue with a unique twist, consider Campo Pequeno Bullring for your next venue selection.

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