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People remember moments, not days. Nothing helps someone remember an event like a creative, interactive theme that enhances the destination experience. By creating themes that go beyond the ordinary and expected, our AlliedPRA New York team is bringing authentic local flavor to event production.

saw lady pic 300The subways in New York City are filled with music and dance and the tunnels under the city come to life by the various performer who embark on the platforms. New York subway entertainment is a veritable mixture of characters, personalities and performers. We have the Saw Lady, who has spent over a decade bringing the rare art form of playing music on a carpenter’s saw. Then there are the Living Statues, Mannequins and uncommon characters to bemuse, befuddle and astonish passersby. And even the Stomp-Style Beat Builders, who combine unique percussion, movement and visual comedy to entertain their audiences. Each themed pop-up consists of an ever-changing line up of local entertainment, making it easy to curate a one-of-a-kind destination event, but so difficult to pick just one! Incorporate an interactive experience by including a Times Square Caricaturist, a David Blaine-style street magician or local artist.

A recent event produced by AlliedPRA New York engaged a graffiti company to create an Cell Phone Wall Picinstallation project for a corporate incentive program. Over a three-hour period guests watched as an artist created an original mural wall of art. When done, all 400 guests were presented with a piece of the mural being an iPhone 6 case.

To enhance the flavor of the event, incorporate local food and beverages that showcase the hottest NYC trends of the moment. In a city long-obsessed with traditional doughnuts, fluffy-filled treats at Dough Donuts are finished with glazes in surprising assortments of flavors, such as dulce de leche, hisbicus and lemon ginger. People’s Pops are just the right treat when the weather heats up, featuring an assortment of popsicles or shaved iced creations. Or, maybe add a little Brooklyn Soda Works into the event with its high quality, healthy sodas made locally in Brooklyn with super fresh ingredients that are super fun to drink.

AlliedPRA New York’s talented event production team specializes in creating both large and intimate branded events of all kinds that leave guests with an experiences they truly remember. So what are you waiting for? New York is calling! Click here to get started.

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What I most enjoy about working at AlliedPRA is collaborating with NYC’s top creative vendors in the fields of production, technology, design, and art.

Brett Clugston
Account Manager
AlliedPRA New York

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