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The Pedal to the Metal

America’s love affair with cars is still hot and heavy and Miami’s newest members-only supercar room has just been added to the mix. Located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts and Entertainment District is Miami Supercar Rooms, an auto art gallery and gourmet dining experience.

supercarrooms_mustang_lamborghiniThis concept is the brainchild of Elo, owner and founder of one of today’s most coveted collections of classic, vintage and custom-designed vehicles in the London Motor Museum. Elo’s passion for elegance is combined with automobile excellence, epicurean hospitality, and exciting nightlight entertainment. Miami Supercar Rooms is part car museum and part restaurant, where you can reserve one of six “pods” for the night and share your dinner with five of your closets friends and a legendary Supercar.

This impressive 15,000 square foot indoor and outdoor venue revolves around a purpose-built auto gallery, housing some of the most desirable cars in the world. Alongside the exhilarating showroom is the Miami Supercar Dining Experience where the spacious open-air courtyard features six private “Pods.” Each Pod is the home to an illustrious Supercar masterpiece that accompanies a stylish aluminum dining table for up to six people. There is no menu, rather a monthly rotation of visiting chefs from around Miami, crafting custom menus for your group. The chef greets you and talks about the menu for the evening, before you are joined by the pod’s attendant who tells you everything you ever wanted to know about your four-wheeled dinner guest

The Miami Supercar Rooms Experience is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening and is the only venue in the city with an open bar on each night every weekend. Ready to roll into town? AlliedPRA South Florida is your direct connection to unique Florida experiences. Click here to get started.


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