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Get Groovy With the Summer of Love

The late 60’s and early 70’s were a period marked by love, acceptance, and openness. The summer of 1967 was a culmination of this social zeitgeist, one defined by a relaxed attitude to the social mores of mid-century America. San Francisco was the epicenter of this movement, with over 100,000 people flocking to Haight-Ashbury to join in on the action. Peace, Love and Happiness! The Summer of Love was an iconic time in history characterized by acceptance, creativity and cultural changes.  For the 50th anniversary of this historic  movement, transport guests back in time with an event featuring tie-die, hair braiding, mood lighting and groovy tunes.

Whether or not you lived through the movement yourself, we’re sure at one time you wanted to experience the relaxed attitude of our most freethinking period in 20th Century America. Well, now is your chance. San Francisco has organized an impressive throwback to all things flower child. Whether it be tie-dying as a group activity, a Jimi Hendrix-inspired city tour or a dinner at one of the historic venues in San Francisco, you’ll step back into history in one of the most creative and colorful ways imaginable!

With AlliedPRA Northern California, let your guests’ imaginations roam wild as you embrace your inner hippie. Take part in a walking tour around the city that has always been about love and acceptance and see the landmarks you’ve only read about. Book a Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, or Grateful Dead cover band and have a groovy evening with your guests. Turn the meaning of what a corporate event has to be on its head by thinking outside the box, welcoming a little eccentricity, and turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Braid your hair, tie-dye a shirt, and throw up a peace sign. With AlliedPRA Northern California, your guests are sure to have a far out experience! Click here to learn more.

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“Working with AlliedPRA was a dream! We loved the Summer of Love theme and AlliedPRA helped to make it unique for Concur and our location- Pier 27. Our attendees still talk about this event!”


Lacey Hein, CMP
Events Manager Senior


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