San Antonio

A Diamond at the Pearl

As we know, San Antonio is in a bit of a Renaissance. From new restaurants, boutique shops, and hotels at every on-the-banks-of-the-sancorner, we are sure to see an influx to their destination within the next year or so. And the darling of this tourism boom is named Emma—a boutique hotel who was a brewery in a former life.

What can only be described as “Southwestern luxury”, Hotel Emma is more of an experience than an accommodation. With a nearly gothic façade, it stands tall and has been a landmark for nearly 120 years in San Antonio. Situated in the ever-growing Pearl campus, which is a culinary and shopping mall of sorts, Hotel Emma steals the show with its high arches, large windows, and brick walls that are, at once, dramatic and refined.

This elegance extends to the interior of the hotel as well. The lobby, with its exposed brick and warm fire places, give guests both a sense of comfort and purpose while staying at the hotel. At every turn, the Hotel Emma is unapologetic of its past, making sure to highlight just how unique this venue is. With its chipped plaster, its displayed industrial machinery, and its concrete floors, the hotel gives guests the unique sense that their presence is a welcome anachronism of yesteryear.

What may be most impressive is that the Hotel Emma is a meeting planner’s dream. Guests are transported to Hotel Emma’s history by way of the cellar venues, which allow any function to be in the heart of the hotel’s history. With 19-foot ceilings and over 3,250 square feet of space, the aptly named Elephant Room is just one of the remarkable options for attendees to marvel at the architectural wonder that is this hotel. Further, with over 1,500 square feet of private outdoor function space, guests are not contained within the hotel, but can make the most of their experience in the Central Texas sun.

San Antonio is now a cultural and culinary capital of the American Southwest. Contact our local office today to experience its unique beauty.


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