Las Vegas

A Bite About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the ultimate adult playground, known for its entertainment, high-rolling casinos and some of the best cuisine this side of the Mississippi. And, if you are looking outside the traditional off-site dinner options for your group for your next meeting, try an award-winning food-tasting walking tour to savor the flavors of the Las Vegas Strip! Introduce your guests to the best signature dishes, unique preparations and exciting tastes the city has to offer. The Lip Smacking Foodie Tours are geared toward those who crave the ultimate taste of Las Vegas. Hosted by the city’s culinary insiders, the tours uncover the little-known gems and hideaways both on the Strip and off-the-beaten path that truly make Vegas one of the most eclectic dining scenes around.

Savors of the Strip

This three-hour evening tour is a show in and of itself, as participants get whisked inside the exclusive doors of Las Vegas’ most dynamic restaurants to enjoy their most memorable and luxurious fare. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic guides lead the way to a culinary adventure where guests discover the most buzzed-about signature dishes that leaves your guests smackin’ their lips. This is an invitation for true connoisseurs to indulge in gourmet dishes, all prepared with utmost care by a roster of A-list chefs. The Savors of the Strip tour is the crème de la crème experience as guests experience artsy plates and daring cuisine, relishing appetizers, entrées or desserts to pique all senses.

For networking events, it’s a prime way to meet new friends and hit all of Vegas’ culinary high points, while delivering a unique and interactive experience. At the end of our tour, guests leave full — not only of good eats, but of valuable tips and recommendations from our guides that are sure to make the rest of their stay even more enjoyable.

Give your guests a delicious payout of the best bites Vegas has to offer. Click here to connect with the AlliedPRA Las Vegas team to learn more. Bon appétit!

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“I’ve worked for AlliedPRA Las Vegas for 10 amazing years. What I love most are the learning opportunities. Every day I’m presented with a chance to be creative and problem-solve, to be competitive, to grow, to be humble and accountable, and take risks. It’s like racing someone on a roller coaster designed for adrenaline junkies who like to juggle fire…and I couldn’t be happier!”

Candie Beane
General Manager
AlliedPRA Las Vegas

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