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Rustic Cantina

Rustic Cantina Decor AlliedPRA San Diego

Picture walking into a hall decorated with rustic woods, warm floral tones, aging tequila barrels, succulents & cacti, where you are welcomed by live music and a tequila tasting from local agave plantations. Rustic Cantina is an energetic decor style that all groups can enjoy!

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a world-renowned zoo, natural history museum and botanical garden, all in one! Interpretive displays of living animals and plants native to the Sonoran Desert.  The majority of the museum is outside, allowing guests the freedom to enjoy the moderate temperatures of the Southwest while exploring …

Beer Burro

Surprise guests with a beer packing burro! As they take pictures with a cowboy hat-wearing gentle donkey they make their selection from the different beverages that you have provided us to serve your guest.

Teepee Lounge

Guests wishing to escape the party going on indoors can step outside into their own camp-style oasis with the help of this oversize teepee lounge. Add soft seating and warm fire pits to create the perfect laid-back networking space.

5K Run for Fun!

Guests can get their blood pumping with a personalized 5K Fun Run! A course will be designed for your group, complete with arrows and cones along the route and a Start/Finish Line banner. This experience is completed with an Emcee to play music at the start/finish line to keep your …