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Chicago Themed Food Station Decor

Bring your attendees experience to life with themed food station décor. We suggest pairing these columns that feature images of surrounding neighborhoods with the foods known from that area. Hot dog and pretzel stands for Wrigleyville, a Chinatown station and more!

Interactive Games

Bring your guests together with interactive games during offsite events! Here we have a station set up to blow up the balloon and use that hot air to knock over the cups. With a wide range of options, we can coordinate games based on activity level, interaction, communication and more.

Experience The Ledge at Willis Tower

We are taking site-seeing to a whole new level with The Ledge experience on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower. This attraction allows guests to step out into a glass box extended from the building that overlooks Chicago’s bustling city streets as well as Lake Michigan and views up to …

American Writers Museum Tour

Located in the core of downtown Chicago on famed Michigan Avenue, the American Writers Museum is not a space for reading, but a space for guests to socially interact while learning about America’s famous literary masterminds. A featured interactive exhibits gives attendees the chance to type their own story on vintage typewriters. …

Fireworks Dinner Cruise

Enjoy dinner as you cruise down Lake Michigan on a boat overlooking the Chicago Skyline as the sky is lit with fireworks! This is an experience that cannot be beat. With multiple ships there are many options whether you prefer a large boat or a smaller boat more intimate experience. This …