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Caped Crusader

When you are a kid, courage seems like a characteristic that only superheroes possess. This can especially be the case when a child is facing illness, terminal sickness or placement into a shelter. Every little bit of courage that a child can muster up helps guide them through the brave …

Downtown Las Vegas Block Party

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas, where the atmosphere is rich in culture and flowing with flexible event space. This outdoor space was used for a Block Party which included food trucks, oversized games, networking areas, decor, and a headline performer!

Las Vegas Neon Museum Decor

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas hosts a variety of retired signs that once lit up the infamous Las Vegas Strip. A great venue for anyone seeking a first-hand look at Old Vegas.

On-Site 3D Printing

Bring your company logo or another image to life with on-site 3D Printing. Guests are amused as they watch the printer work its magic to produce a one-of-a-kind custom gift that they can take home with them.

Live Art

Art brings an event to life and this entertainer provided a vibrant masterpiece.