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Play With Your Food

We’re going against what mom told us and saying that its OKAY to play with your food. Make food fun by adding an interactive element. Whether it be suspending desserts from the ceiling or a full-length wall of appetizer, enhancing your everyday food station with a creative flare not only …

The Perfect Pairing

Take your tray passed appetizers to the next level! Pair your favorite bite with your favorite sip to add an extra element to the standard cocktail party. Mini spirits and appetizer pairings can be done with a wide assortment of cuisines pleasing every guest’s pallet.

Yoga with Goats

We all know yoga is good for you. And no one can deny the healing powers of animals. Today we will double down on the good vibes by combing yoga with goats. Why goats? They are more hypoallergenic than cats and dogs, and are adorable!

Dance like the Stars

Get up close and personal with the dancers who are now Hollywood celebrities by being on Dancing with the Stars. Learn to salsa dance, samba, swing, cha-cha, tango or waltz with the professional. The dancers will take the guests through the steps as they teach some of the more popular …

The Magic Castle

Where else can you take your group to be enchanted and amazed-even transported to another era, to a place where the impossible consistently appears before your very eyes? No where else but The Magic Castle, Hollywood’s best kept secret.