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Play With Your Food

We’re going against what mom told us and saying that its OKAY to play with your food. Make food fun by adding an interactive element. Whether it be suspending desserts from the ceiling or a full-length wall of appetizer, enhancing your everyday food station with a creative flare not only …

The Perfect Pairing

Take your tray passed appetizers to the next level! Pair your favorite bite with your favorite sip to add an extra element to the standard cocktail party. Mini spirits and appetizer pairings can be done with a wide assortment of cuisines pleasing every guest’s pallet.

Pedal with a Boost

Tour the beautiful areas of Corona Del Mar and Newport Beach on the new and stylish trend of electrical bikes. A fun and perfect way to bask in the sun, enjoy fresh air and capture beauty of Orange County.

Under the Deep Blue Sea

Spend your day at the nation’s 4th largest aquarium at The Aquarium of the Pacific! Learn about the story of the Pacific Rim’s vast and populous sea that covers nearly half of the planet.

Welcome to the Beach

Lifeguards on duty and welcoming your guests into their event!