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Life’s Most Celebrated Pleasures

Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Enjoy two of life’s most celebrated pleasures and understand the art of pairing Wines with Chocolates. Take front seat with a lively tasting and educational event of Wines with Chocolates from different regions hosted by Professionals.

An Experience Like No Other

Enjoy relaxing for the day by pristine beaches where the sun shines bright while casting amazing colors of life around you. This hidden man-made treasure includes incredibly beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy your complimentary food and drinks, snorkel in salt water reefs while interacting with multicolored fish …

Florida Gift Baskets

Florida Gift Basket

Can’t decide on what gift basket to find? Just get a gift basket that covers it all with a unique Florida Gift Basket.

The Ultimate Indoor Golfing

Ultimate Indoor Golfing

Need to get away with the team? Maybe just bring the whole company to be entertained in a non-corporate setting! Indoor golf is a fun environment for everyone to enjoy.

Gator and Snake Handler

Gator and Snake Handler

Get up close and personal with nature. These handlers make it possible for you to interact with these wild yet amazing creatures.