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Live Art

Give the feeling of a “gallery opening” or a “fine art festival” by having an artist create an art piece LIVE at your event.

Fly the High Seas Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of effortless flight? Flying through the air, hovering high above the world below, even diving underwater?

You can with the Jetlev – the world’s first recreational jetpack. The Jetlev water-propelled jetpack is safe, easy-to-use and FUN!

Spread Your Wings

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Stop dreaming and make your dream of flight a reality. Indoor Skydiving can give you the experience of flying without the fear of jumping from a plane or falling out of the sky.

Recipe for Reshaping Lives

At the Tomorrow Project, homeless women work with simple ingredients like beans and spices to create handmade gourmet soups and to reshape their lives.

Welcome Aboard the Star of India

Come  aboard the Star of India and step back in time on an imaginary voyage of discovery during where guests are challenged with real shipboard activities that demand critical thinking and clear communication skills