AlliedPRA Launches New Website and Marketing Campaign

LONDON, March 3, 2014 – AlliedPRA Inc., a global leader in the destination management company (DMC) sector, is pleased to announce the launch of its new, completely redesigned company website, as well as its innovative AlliedPRA DESTINATIONS marketing campaign. The new DESTINATIONS campaign is fresh, enticing and invites AlliedPRA clients and prospects to take a journey with AlliedPRA to discover their true destinations.

 AlliedPRA’s tagline “Redefining Destination Management” is the essence of the brand and what differentiates AlliedPRA in the new campaign. Focusing on the company’s deep personal relationship and unmatched local knowledge allows AlliedPRA to redefine the word “destination” from the perspective of understanding a client’s business goals, as well as their personal interests and passions. It also highlights the deep understanding of the destinations, AlliedPRA serves. The entire campaign package is insightful, confident and smart and displays a fresh, new look for the growing destination management company.

AlliedPRA has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade, expanding its world-wide presence, strategic partners and service offerings to meet the emergent demands of its clients around the globe. The company recently opened new destination offerings in Lisbon, Portugal, as well as Hawaii in the US. AlliedPRA announced last week its newest marketing partnership with Cantrav Destination Management Services to expand the Canadian and Alaska (US) destination offerings. In addition, within the last couple of months, the team has hired industry-leading, power hitters within the DMC market to head up Global Sales and Operations for the AlliedPRA. From North America to Europe, South America to Arabia, AlliedPRA offers an array of meeting and event planning services from over 100 world-class destinations.

“As our company continues to expand, we are responding to our clients’ needs by providing a fresh approach to destination management services aimed at garnering the highest return on experience for our valuable clients,” shared Robert Patterson, Chief Operating and Financial Officer of AlliedPRA, Inc. “AlliedPRA brings a long history of delivering unmatched destination management experiences our clients have come to expect. For more than 40 years, AlliedPRA has been a force in the DMC industry.  By refreshing our brand marketing, we’ve better positioned AlliedPRA to meet the growing needs of our international clients who expect nothing less than a global partner to deliver truly remarkable destination experiences.”

The DESTINATIONS campaign for AlliedPRA represents a company-wide initiative to uniquely defining the client’s true destination, tailoring each experience to match seamlessly to the overall goals for each program. In turn, clients experience the greatest return on experiences, the best standards for risk management and flawless execution of professional services. Through a consultative and collaborative approach, AlliedPRA professionals consistently deliver customized experiences that cannot be bought off the shelf. In addition, the company utilizes tailored and cutting-edge technology to increase program effectiveness, garner immediate ROI results and streamline internal processes. AlliedPRA’s corporate structure has expanded and been streamlined to provide clients with assurances that are unparalleled in the DMC industry.

AlliedPRA consistently offers comprehensive and customized DMC solutions to corporate, incentive and association planners based in many locations around the world. In 2014, AlliedPRA plans to further expand the number of locations it can offer its clients, both through new partnerships with select independently owned DMCs and by opening up new wholly owned subsidiary offices.

Founded in 1981, AlliedPRA is a leading global destination management and event planning company with a reach across three continents, seven countries and over 100 destinations, serving some of the most respected companies in every major industry sector. For information on the complete portfolio of international destination management services, please email: globalsales@alliedpra, or visit or call 1.800.797.9471.

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­AlliedPRA’s European destinations are France, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom. AlliedPRA’s Middle Eastern destination is located in Dubai. AlliedPRA USA’s destinations are served by wholly-owned and franchise operations in Arizona, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New England, New Orleans, New York, Northern California, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, San Antonio, San Diego,  Santa Barbara, and South Florida.

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