AlliedPRA Redefining U.S. Business Events

AlliedPRA Sets Out to Redefine Its Corner of the US Business Events Industry

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 13, 2017— The $280 Billion US Business Events industry, comprised of corporate meetings and events, Incentive travel programs and convention and conferences, is essential to productive business relationships. From its leadership position in Business Events, AlliedPRA, Inc. is a platform which provides a compelling value proposition to the stakeholders of this space. AlliedPRA delivers across a variety of disciplines in the destination specific components of events, activities and transportation solutions.

AlliedPRA has taken an aggressive, yet strategic approach to redefining the destination management (DMC) sector it leads. Recent significant moves at AlliedPRA will re-shape how this entire sector contributes to the overall Business Events ecosystem over time. By moving beyond traditional service models, crafting key partnerships and driving other positive change, AlliedPRA is moving from trusted service provider to key strategic partner with its broad base of clients which include many of the world’s most respected brands.

Significant recent developments at AlliedPRA include:

Expect several more significant developments to be announced during the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

“Market forces are calling for significant change in the DMC sector,” stated Tony Lorenz, CMM, Chief Executive Officer, AlliedPRA. “Change is hard in any sector, especially when an approach has worked so well for so long, as it has in this sector. At AlliedPRA we are changing the conversation with our clients, and as a team. It’s an exciting time at this moment in the long history of this incredible business. We actively listen. We come to understand our clients’ business objectives for the project with which we are involved. We then deliver unique experiences that move our clients’ business forward. We are underway with that very same approach in the leadership of this sector, and the growth of our business as well.”

Team and Talent Acquisitions: In the first quarter of this year, AlliedPRA acquired Destination Services Corporation (DSC) and now holds the number one market share position in the DMC sector of US Business Events Industry, with over $100 million in system revenue and 26 locations. This acquisition is the first of many acquisitions in development, a lever which plays an important component of the AlliedPRA growth plan. In the area of talent, Laurie Knapp, a recognized global sales leader in the Business Events industry is building a sales and marketing team, unlike any other in the sector.

Partnerships: AlliedPRA and Kapow, an online marketplace housing thousands of unique experiences for corporate entertainment, formed a partnership to create new value in the marketplace of significant industry events and conferences. The Kapow platform in concert with AlliedPRA provides local destination experiences and events through a tiered self-service to full-service model. An industry first, the new model makes unique event experiences more easily accessible to event host and their invited attendees during significant industry events. By extending the show floor across the entire host city, the model offers a singular progressive solution for client events. Chris Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Kapow shared, “By combining the ease of an online marketplace with the expertise of AlliedPRA, we provide a full spectrum of activation to our association partners’ communities. With real-time information, organizations have new and valuable data which directly impacts the future of their significant industry events.”

Industry Collaboration: The value of business events is undeniable. The challenge resides in ensuring that value is top of mind in tougher times especially. AlliedPRA Chief Executive Officer, Tony Lorenz stepped up to serve as the first CEO of a DMC to align with Meetings Mean Business Coalition, the most important coalition in the Global Business Events Industry. By initiating the DMC sector’s engagement with Meetings Mean Business, AlliedPRA leadership is underscoring the value of collaboration in more tenuous climates over time.

As the saying goes, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” AlliedPRA is taking bold and at times uncomfortable moves to better the Business Events industry and the sector it leads.