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Chase Field

This vast facility with a retractable roof, home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, offers a truly memorable night for attendees. Arrive early and let the anticipation build as guests are escorted onto the field, under the glow of the stadium lights!

Heavenly Heights

Ballooning is an exhilarating experience for everyone, especially over the beautiful Sonoran Desert. During the flight, guests will have an unobstructed 360-degree scenic view and experience the sights and sounds of desert life.

UTV Adevntures

You’re in for a real treat when you flip the switch on the toughest UTV the Sonoran Desert has ever seen. This four-seater Kawasaki Teryx4 can be filled to capacity and can still climb trails, crawl boulders, and zip all over the desert without it—or you—breaking a sweat. Our Arizona …


For a fun island activity, try parasailing! Parasailing is a popular sport in Hawai’i in which the rider is hitched to a parachute like canopy, known as a Parasail, and is set aloft in the air. The Parasail is attached to a long towrope, which is pulled along by a …

Waikiki Party Bike Tour

Cycle your way through the best bars of Waikiki on the Waikiki Party Bike Tour! This tour is perfect for the group that wants to explore different Waikiki hot spots, but doesn’t want to do it from inside a car. This ingenious “party bike” is built for all of the …