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Your Signature Style

World-renowned stylists will provide your guests with a full experience to discover the perfect make-up, hair, clothing and accessories that make them most most beautiful. They will learn what’s hot and what’s not, style and make-up tips, secrets of the stars, the perfect business attire, how to make a great …

Florida Gift Baskets

Florida Gift Basket

Can’t decide on what gift basket to find? Just get a gift basket that covers it all with a unique Florida Gift Basket.

Dreamcatcher Making

Create your very own dreamcatcher to take home with you. Kits will be provided with basic instructions, and an artisan can be onsite if desired to assist guests and discuss the history and significance of the dreamcatcher.

Synthetic Floral Hair Pick

Give female attendees a take home gift upon arrival. Synthetic floral hair picks are a great small giveaway that won’t wilt on your guests after they’ve gone home.

Shell Jewelry Crafter

Add a shell jewelry crafter to your next beach or Hawaiian themed event. This can act as both an attendee gift to take home, as well as a fun entertainment enhancement that guests can watch as they make their way around the event space.