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Circle the Wagons

Imagine guests tirelessly working together to build a Big Red Wagon! Builders answer trivia questions in order to receive their parts to begin assembling their red wagon, along with donation items to fill the wagon. Together, decisions must be made regarding tire pressure, wooden side bars, and placement of the …

The Pelican Harbor Seabird Station (PHSS)

Guests tour the rehabilitation facilities and aviaries and see firsthand how they provide treatment for and temporarily care of injured, diseased, orphaned, and displaced indigenous wild-life, and how they subsequently return healthy viable animals to their appropriate habitats in the wild. Included in the program is the adoption of one of these …

School Rejuvenation

Become a part of the community by giving back! Teams divide and conquer an Atlanta intercity school assisting with landscaping, paint touch-ups and even added pops of color to a mural at the front entrance of the school.

Bike Building

Guests come together as a team to conquer obstacles that will help them get parts to complete a bike that they will be donating to a children’s organization.   

Recipe for Reshaping Lives

At the Tomorrow Project, homeless women work with simple ingredients like beans and spices to create handmade gourmet soups and to reshape their lives.