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Lounge Grouping with Draping

When attending large event it is sometimes hard to break away from the abundance of activity surrounding you. Lounge groupings with soft seating and draping create an opportunity for a more intimate setting in a large space or crowd. Great for network-focused events, lounge group areas that can be closed off …

String Lighting Ceiling

Anyone who has ever planned an indoor event in a ballroom can know how boring the existing decor can be. Add a string lighting ceiling to make guests feel like they are under the stars, even when inside. String lighting can add more lighting to dark spaces and will wow …

Relax By The Fire

In Hawaii, outdoor events can be amazing! Consider adding a fire pit for guests to network by during a casual outdoor event.

Show Your Sparkle

Often times, meeting planners may choose standard colored linens and decor, but sometimes it’s nice to show some sparkle. Chandeliers or other hanging decor can add another dimension to the general look of your event and the sequin table linens add some eye catching appeal that guests will love.

Summer Camp Theme

Allow guests to be a kid again through this summer camp theme. Kick back, relax and enjoy the nostalgia of summer camp games, songs and friendships.