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Living Art

Bring art to life at your next event! Costumed performers replicate some of the most beautiful bronze statues like the Degas Ballerina. This living art becomes a beautiful photo opportunity and lifesize masterpiece for guests during any cocktail reception.

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing is the biggest and highest rated axe throwing club in the world. All events are managed by professional axe throwing coaches who will teach you how to throw an axe & manage fun games, including a tournament for your group!

Snorkeling And Exploring

Snorkel in the reef

Snorkel to find discoveries along the water’s edge. Play hide-and-seek with thousands of beautiful fish, from small colorful wrasses to velvety rays. Stunning habitats create the feeling of swimming right alongside sharp-toothed reef sharks safely behind glass. An experience worth doing more than once.

One-On-One Dolphin Encounter

Swim with Dolphins

Make a friend that will live in your heart forever when you experience a one-on-one dolphin encounter. Guests will be able to learn about dolphin behavior and communication, wade into the dolphin lagoon and come nose-to-bottlenose, take hold of the dolphin’s dorsal fin and hold on for the ride of …

Gala Dinner at Villa Vizcaya Museum

Built in 1916 as the private home of agricultural industrialist James Deering, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a serene and stunningly beautiful retreat in the heart of Miami. The most sought-after venue for corporate events and meetings in South Florida, Vizcaya features an enchanting Main House overlooking Biscayne Bay and …