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Traditional Hawaiian Blessing

When in Hawaii, do as the Hawaiians do! Add a traditional hawaiian blessing to kickstart any luau or welcome reception. Guests will love the authentic feel it adds to any event.

Beer Tasting Buffet

A beer buffet is the perfect enhancement when wanting to incorporate craft brews into the mix. Allow guests to have samples of various kinds of beer all in one spot.

Sourdough Making at Boudin’s Bakery

Learn how to make world renown sourdough bread from the experts at Boudin Bakery.  The best part is guests get to take home their own loaf.

Bagpipe Entertainment

Bagpipes are traditional Scottish entertainment and create a wonderful atmosphere for a green, lush venue.

Summer Camp Theme

Allow guests to be a kid again through this summer camp theme. Kick back, relax and enjoy the nostalgia of summer camp games, songs and friendships.