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Passed Craft Beer

Treat guests to the flavor of San Francisco with passed microbrews from local favorites such as Anchor Steam or Lagunitas.

Olive Oil Tasting at McEvoy Ranch

McEvoy Ranch is a hidden gem in Marin County.  Guests explore the grounds, sample their cosmetics and tasted their olive oil and wine made on property.

Neon Casino

Take your casino to the next level by adding impressive, casino-themed neon decor. From neon table centerpieces to large-scale perimeter decor to full entrance pieces, with these decor elements, we will make your next casino shine!

Monarchs & Missionaries

Travel back in time on this unforgettable and astonishing adventure as you visit the historical features of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Venturing out into the lush Nuuanu Valley, our first stop is the Pali Lookout for amazing panoramic views of Kane’ohe Bay.

Guests then arrive at Hawaii’s sacred Royal Mausoleum, “Mauna …

Live Art

Give the feeling of a “gallery opening” or a “fine art festival” by having an artist create an art piece LIVE at your event.