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Rustic Cantina

Rustic Cantina Decor AlliedPRA San Diego

Picture walking into a hall decorated with rustic woods, warm floral tones, aging tequila barrels, succulents & cacti, where you are welcomed by live music and a tequila tasting from local agave plantations. Rustic Cantina is an energetic decor style that all groups can enjoy!

Coral Reef Dining in Tampa

Coral Reef Dining

Coral reef dining in Tampa. Lose yourself in natures colorful canvas of corals, live fish and sharks in a half million-gallon floor-to-ceiling Coral Reef tank at the Florida Aquarium.

Be delighted with the elegant style and exquisite catering that tantalizes your taste buds in this unique venue.

Beach Club Steps Away from the Ocean

Full venue Mavericks Pacific Beach AlliedPRA San Diego Introducing Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego! Located just steps from the ocean in Pacific Beach, you’ll enjoy an expansive, 15,000-square-foot property that is optimized for day and nighttime fun for guests of all ages, and groups of all sizes. Equipped with coastal-California décor, round tables for community seating, VIP booths, …

Underwater Walking Tour

Underwater Walking Tour

Feel right at home under the sea with an underwater walking tour. Come eye-to-eye with sharks through an 8-foot-tall, 21-foot long panoramic window. During the journey, you’ll experience one-on-one touches with unique animals, schools of fish and velvety rays. All this beauty under the sea!

Chalk Board Art

Interactive Art – we’ve got that! This arts & music festival theme event had graffiti walls for guests to design, doodle and draw with chalk markers! Our local artists provided encouragement and inspiration for guests to harness their inner creativity.