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Life’s Most Celebrated Pleasures

Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Enjoy two of life’s most celebrated pleasures and understand the art of pairing Wines with Chocolates. Take front seat with a lively tasting and educational event of Wines with Chocolates from different regions hosted by Professionals.

Merriman’s Kapalua Private Cabana Maui

Enjoy a private cabana dinner experience at Merrimans Kapalua in Maui. This cabana can fit up to (20) guests and provides an intimate setting for your VIP guests.

Strolling Champagne Diva

Strolling Champagne Diva

A unique way to celebrate your event by having a strolling champagne diva to serve you champagne from her gown.

Local New England Raw Bar

Everyone knows New England is known for our incredibly fresh seafood! Check out this fabulous raw bar featuring local Duxbury Oysters and Shrimp. This is a sure fire way to impress guests during a cocktail reception!

Boston Harbor Distillery Tasting

If you can’t bring guests to the distillery – bring the distillery to the guests! A boutique Boston Harbor Distillery tasting became part of an event’s dessert reception. Samples and specialty after-dinner cocktails were made with their most famous ryes and rums.