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Simply Tropical Decor

Florida Tropical Decor

What warmer way to be welcomed while surrounded by Florida’s colorful tropical designs.  The tropical sun with the sea air and view adds a nice touch to this bright Decor.

Style Tiles

Design your event piece by piece…literally! Style tiles are custom cutout blocks that piece together to transform any space into a brand new, never before seen look. Stage sets, grand entrances, custom bars, tables, seating and much more. Choose your color, lighting, texture, graphic for each tile individually to create …

Glow Lighting

What is better than a glow in the dark party? How about one in which the guests light up too! This evenings events has everything from black lights, Gobo projections, up-lighting and a cutting edge LED video wall that when all combined together, makes the night shine!

Lounge Grouping with Draping

When attending large event it is sometimes hard to break away from the abundance of activity surrounding you. Lounge groupings with soft seating and draping create an opportunity for a more intimate setting in a large space or crowd. Great for network-focused events, lounge group areas that can be closed off …

Fireside Seating

Guests can sit back and relax  while staying warm with this fireside seating arrangement. Adding small fire pits to any event makes for a more intimate feel.