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Switchboard Games

Allow your guests the unique opportunity to enjoy classic board games and engaging party games on vertical, mobile, attractive, magnetic, dual sided, dry erasable surfaces. You will have access to dozens of gaming options to make your experience truly memorable. Lively event hosts are guaranteed to increase interdepartmental collaboration – …

Inside SDPD

Working with the Police Foundation you will enjoy a special trip to the SDPD canine (K-9) facility. You will have the opportunity to learn how officers work with police dogs and witness the police dogs in their agility drills and other training exercises. This is followed by an overview of …

Ping Pong at Spin Chicago

Bringing the team together with a friendly game of Ping Pong at SPiN Chicago. This is great venue for a fun exciting atmosphere promoting teamwork and play!

Monuments by Moonlight

An extremely popular D.C. activity is our Monuments by Night tour. Attendees visit each of the monuments and memorials, such as the WWII memorial pictured here, under dark skies and moonlight, while hearing fun facts about the nation’s capital. This can also be incorporate other parts of the city or …


Double the charity with this team-building event that will give guests the opportunity to get creative and make a global impact on local and third world children.