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Onsite Dining with Boka Restaurant Group!

An elevated onsite dining experience provides your guests with the opportunity to taste some of Chicago’s best restaurants including, Girl & The Goat, The J. Parker, Bellemore, Dutch & Doc’s, and more! These restaurants all have one thing in common: the prestigious Boka Restaurant Group name! Interactive stations will be …

Watercolor Decor By The Water

Watercolor Decor by the water

A little salt water, a little dash of watercolor – this event is filled with a tasteful kaleidoscope of vibrant hues coming together as local artisans flex their honed skills in this wonderful setting, embracing the arts and cultural so rooted in Sarasota history.

Beer Garden

Beer Garden AlliedPRA

Transform your outdoor space into a beer garden party. Incorporate local brewery tastings, food pairings, lawn games, tenting and interactive stations to complete the celebratory atmosphere.


Glamping AlliedPRA

Incorporate rustic elements for a glamping style your guests will be awed by. Stinger lights and lanterns create a magical ambiance as the sun goes down lighting up the rustic decor your guests can enjoy.

King’s Table

Kings Table Decor Inspiration

Switch out the common rounds for a grand King’s Table. Using a long table highlights the elegance of the space as well as the versatility of elegant tablescapes. Create a dramatic entrance and a lasting impression!