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SNUBA – Big Island

SNUBA - Big Island

Swim with the fish in this fun-filled SNUBA activity! SNUBA was created for those who enjoy the ocean and would like to experience the wonders of breathing underwater, without training and carrying heavy equipment for Scuba diving. It is a unique, patented shallow water dive system, bridging the gap between …

Kohala Waterfalls Adventure – Big Island

Kohala Waterfalls Adventure

On a fun off-road adventure and relaxed trail walk, guests experience dramatic views of Pololū Valley, charming foot bridges, historic taro terraces and intimate waterfalls. With an opportunity to swim at a waterfall and stroll the quaint plantation village of Hāwī, this is the perfect tour for a Hawaiian adventure!

Riding Old Hawaii – Big Island

Riding Old Hawaii - Big Island

The Big Island has a vast amount of terrain to cover, but you don’t want to move so fast that it passes you by. Take in every bit of this amazing body of land on a biking tour of Hawai’i island. Bike from Waimea to Waipi’o Valley Lookout. The journey …

Big Island Grand Circle Adventure

Big Island Grand Circle Adventure

Discover the amazing natural beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii on this full-day sightseeing tour. Known for its volcanoes, ocean views and breathtaking greenery, the island of Hawaii is an exceptionally beautiful place to visit. Today, guests set out on a scenic drive around the island, taking in the …

Top of Waipi’o ATV and Buggy Tour

ATV - Big Island

Be a thrill-seeker for the day on this fun-filled ATV and buggy expedition! The Waipi’o Valley is as culturally important to the people of Hawai’i as it is beautiful. This magnificent landscape served as the final resting place for many of Hawai’i’s early ali’i (royalty). Today, knowledgeable tour guides take …