Switch It Up!

More than ever, meeting planners are seeing the importance of switching up spaces from traditional theater or classroom arrangements to offering a variety of seating design options to accommodate different work styles and program goals. Here are some tips and trends we’ve seen:

Problem Solving: Having attendees face each other is key to building teamwork and solving complicated issues. Try a round table configuration that fosters contribution from everyone.Creative seating design ideas from your National DMC Partner

Collaboration: Soft seating such a bean bags encourages collaboration and creative thinking.

Merging Millennials: Millennials are a social group. Seating that encourages mobility such as lounge spaces or modern high tables and chairs are great for a group on the go.

Mix up your next meeting with out-of-the seating options that mirror your attendees and program style. For some inspiration on incorporating unique seating, read here about how TED conference planners rethought the attendee experience with an innovative seating design.

By: Heather Vieira, National Sales Manager, AlliedPRA New England

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