Top Décor Trends Making an Impression

Ready or not, fall is on its way and with it comes the start of a busy event season. Here’s a look at what’s in store for décor trends for galas, celebrations, corporate and social events, that meeting and event professionals won’t want to miss.

Environmentally Inclined
Event design is extending beyond the tabletop to become more environmental. With a creative use of props and florals, we can transform areas into magical, often sensory atmospheric ambiences.

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Softer Sides

There is something to be said for a woman’s touch and with the latest trend it seems clients are less afraid to go ultra-feminine. Corporate clients historically were known for sticking to company brand color tones, but now the focus has shifted to softer touches, more elegant palettes (such as blushes and golds), and pay more mind to florals.

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Branding Anew

With many companies looking for more of a creative way to incorporate their brand into their décor, through subtlety and consistency guiding us, we’re finding new ways to drop names. Custom graphics added to furniture and functional props are doing their part to get the message across.

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More Trends to Follow

  • Whimsical Organic Textures featuring lush, green elements paired with metals and floating components.
  • Bold and Exotic Vibrancy with bright colors over neutral tones and bold accents.
  • Deco Elegance featuring simple, elegant touches and varied height designs.

 Getting Started

Trends may come and go but AlliedPRA is always on top of the latest styles. Planning an event now? Let our AlliedPRA destination experts in Chicago or any of our 20 US locations, partner with you on your next program. Click here to get started today. And, if you like this article, share with a friend at the link below.

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